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House of Life London - 5 miraculous oils

Posted by geo 27/09/2017 0 Comment(s)

House of Life London - 5 miraculous oils


 Are you rigorous about your facial treatment rituals, but you haven’t tried yet the face and body oils? You might be intimidated by their oily consistency, but these oils are actually a Premium type of treatment and an important source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Warm one pump of oil between your palms, close your eyes and take a moment to inhale the aroma and then massage onto the clean skin with slow, upwards strokes, starting with the cheek area, moving to chin, jawline, nose and up across the forehead, then move across the body and follow with your preferred anti-ageing c ream.
Here is our top five oils from House of Life London, along with their benefits and secret ingredients. Try them and see which is suitable for your skin type. 


1. Epitome Complete Skin Organic Anti-Aging Body Oil

An intensive, energising body oil, infused with organic beggarticks, soy and sea buckthorn plants to give powerful botanical antioxidants, together with a full spectrum of natural nutrients, essential acids and minerals to help boost skin nutrition and to fight the signs of ageing.
Benefits: it absorbs immediately, leaving no residue and it enhances the skin protection, texture, elasticity and vitality, while energising your mood. 


2. Equalise Anti-Wrinkle Organic Face Oil 
Drawing on the active powers of organic St John’s Wort, rose petals and hops, this anti-ageing facial oil is a potent source of natural retinol, vitamin C, collagens and flavonoids to help fight accelerated ageing and the formation of premature lines.
Benefits:  it moisturizes more deeply than many traditional moisturizers and it helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, while relaxing your mood.



3. Reclaim Organic Anti-Age Spots Face Oil 
Reclaim your beauty with a facial oil infused with botanical Guelder Rose, Chamomile and Wormwood and rich in active selenium, organic acids, vitamins and minerals to boost the condition of mature skin.
Benefits: this face treatment will reduce the formation of age spots, while totally lifting your mood for the day.


4. Illumine Organic Neutralise Skin Tone Face Oil 
The skin tone-enhancing facial oil, made with Lemon, Parsley and Potato, is extremely rich in vitamins C and B and selenium to help prevent and reduce the appearance of blemishes, illuminate and brighten and even out tone.
Benefits: the supercharged blend of vitamins will boost your mood and it will provide antioxidant protection for anti-aging results—immediately and over time. 


5. Quiescent Complete Skin Organic Anti-Aging Face Oil 
House of Life London signature multi-action facial oil offers a wide spectrum of nutritious ingredients, including wild raspberry, burdock and banana to deliver potent antioxidants, flavonoids, collagens and biotin, known to help skin regeneration and enhance elasticity and smoothness.


Benefits: The complete care for ageing skin brings along the luxe experience of an oil that helps prevent and minimise wrinkles, age spots and lines, while soothing your mood. 


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